The QL was Sinclair's attempt at a 16-bit machine. Although announced in January 1984, the machine did not ship until May (even though orders were taken and cheques cashed) and cost £399).

When the first machines were shipped, not all of the components fitted inside the casing, so a small, add-on box stuck out of the back of the machine containing the overflowed parts.

Production ceased in 1987.

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Manufacturer Sinclair
Processor 68008
Speed (MHz) 7.5
RAM (KB) 128
RAM expandable to (KB) (unknown)
ROM (KB) 48
Sound (unknown)
Keyboard type Typewriter-style
Number of keys (unknown)
Dimensions (mm) 472x138x46
Weight (g) (unknown)
  • 2 microdrives (integrated)
  • 2 RS232 ports
  • 2 joystick ports
  • RGB interface
  • cartridge slot
  • Expansion port